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Grammar Rules: Learning about Syllables

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Learning about Syllables

The English language is a rich subject that has a lot of underlying topics. Thus, it is essential to learn everything about it starting from the most basic to help secure your band score goal. Syllable is one topic that is vital to know in the English language.

Syllable is defined as a letter or combination of letters, that can be uttered together or as a single effort. This type is also most often referred to as word chunks. Note that every syllable contains a vowel. It has seven types.

1.    Closed Syllables
This type of syllable is the most common spelling unit in English. It ends in a consonant, and the vowel has a short vowel sound.
Example:    cat, bat,

2.    Open Syllables
This type of syllable ends in a vowel that has a long vowel sound.
Example:    me, she, go,

3.    Vowel-Consonant-e (VCe) Syllables
This type of syllable is also known as the “magic e” syllable pattern. It contains long vowels, followed by a single consonant, and a silent “e.”
Example:    wake, while,
                             bake, pine,
                             bone, whale

4.    Vowel Team
This type of syllable is composed of two vowels that follow one another and create a new sound when spoken.
Example:    South, team
                             float, seed

5.    R-controlled
This type of syllable is composed of a vowel followed by the letter “r.”
Example:    car, bird
                             fort, dollar
                             swimmer, warm

6.    Diphthong
This type of syllable contains two vowels that produce a new vowel sound when combined.
Example:    boil, look
                             mouse, cloud
                             pout, mouth

7.    Consonant –le
This type of syllable is an unaccented final syllable that contains a consonant and “-le.”
Example:    puzzle, handle

Syllables are among the most basic subjects of the English language that you need to bank to improve your speech.  Take classes in the review center for IETLS and elevate your knowledge and skills acquisition ventures.

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