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Perks of Having an IELTS Study Buddy

You have probably heard of or seen the movies “Dumb & Dumber” and “Hangover.” These classic comedy films are a hit to people regardless of age, gender and social class. Have you ever wondered why? Because these films capture the essence of friendship and adventure that viewers from all walks of life can relate.

Whether it is about cramming school papers, facing the horrors of your first job interview, overcoming heartbreaks or tying the knot, people always rely on their best buddies.

 In 1942, the term “buddy system” was used to refer to an arrangement between two people paired together for the sole purpose of ensuring safety. This is a manifestation of the famous saying, "two heads are better than one."

Typically, the buddy system is formed in school. This is when you first come out of your comfort zone to establish networks aside from your family. Finding a study buddy in an IELTS review center can make English language learning easier. Meanwhile, if you have just relocated in Central Visayas and want to enroll in an IELTS review center in Cebu, having a study buddy allows you to also explore the culture and the place.

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What are the perks of having a study buddy? 

Training in an IELTS review center becomes stressful if you do not know how to manage your time and resources. This is why you are advised to have a study buddy, especially when you enroll in a far area such as in an IELTS review center in Cebu. Still not convinced? Here are some perks of having an IELTS study buddy:

1. More motivation to stay focused – Having a study partner can help you to manage your time efficiently. For example, you can set a schedule for each subtest of the IELTS exam. Monday to Wednesday can be reserved for studying writing and reading exercises, while Thursday to Saturday can be allotted for speaking and listening activities.

You can also take turns in reminding each other about important points to remember. Together, you can spend weekdays or weeknights after training to unwind. You can go to the spa or have dinner together as long as you keep each other motivated to study.

 2. Sharing resources and crosschecking notes – It is easier to verify information about your discussions in the IELTS review center when you have a study buddy. You can exchange notes on lectures you have missed or clarify confusing topics.

Furthermore, you may also share training resources, such as the apps you use to improve your English vocabulary, references and even go to libraries together to look for other learning materials. Through this, you are more likely to have a complete set of notes and references that you will need to obtain your desired band score.

 3. Cooperative learning – This approach is becoming more popular these days especially in a classroom setting. It is primarily used to establish and achieve a common goal.

 Studying in pairs or groups allows you to learn from each other and have an honest assessment of areas that need improvement. For example, you can take practice speaking and listening tests together and see what aspects you still need to improve, such as pronunciation, grammar and articulation, among others.

 4. Different learning styles and perspectives – As buddies, your strengths and weaknesses can complement each other. Your partner may suggest another helpful strategy you can apply. For example, if his/her strength is reading comprehension, you can ask for tips on how to understand easily the gist of a particular essay with just one reading. On the other hand, if you are good in speaking, you can give pieces of advice on proper articulation and pronunciation.

5. Learning becomes more fun and enjoyable – Studying with someone else makes learning feel more like an adventure than a task. It makes stress and pressure more manageable and bearable than just facing them on your own. Moreover, you have someone to tell you when you are doing too much, or when it is time to get your eyes and mind off the exam and just relax.

Buddy system works all the time. It helps you lessen the stress and enjoy studying. Indeed, two heads are better than one. Together, you discover and become more open toward other people’s ideas and perspectives. The author works at an IELTS review center in Cebu City at the moment. She was once a computer instructor in CA. She likes to travel in numerous nations and loves photography.

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