Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to Avoid Mental Block during Exams

How many times during an IELTS review did you fail your practice exam because you forgot the meaning of a word? How many dead airs in practice conversations have you experienced because nothing would come out of your mind?
Practice tests in an IELTS review center in Cebu can be exhausting. Students attending IELTS training experience stress, which affects their performance. This may be acceptable during practice tests; however, the pressure resulting to mental block during an actual exam could be the worst thing.  

What is mental block?

Mental block is the inability to remember or do something, which is typically caused by emotional tension. Many people experience this. The weight of the crowd staring at you when you are about to deliver a speech, your boss looking at you during presentations or your music instructor sitting in the front row during your recital—these are common instances when people experience mental block.
For students, forgetting the things you have learned in the IELTS review center in Cebu during the actual exam might hinder you in acquiring your desired band score. Low self-esteem, lack of motivation and poor study habits cause exam anxieties.

How can you avoid mental block during exams?
  • Breathe deeply
Studies show that this method reduces panic attacks by relaxing the brain. Oxygen pumped into the blood can help you think clearly during exams. However, make sure that you do not bother your seatmates or the proctor when you do this.
If you can, do a breathing exercise daily to clear your mind.

  • Look up
The body’s natural response to stress is to look down. When you look up, you connect to your visual memory center. This enables you to remember the concepts you forgot.  

  • Be confident
Believe that you can answer the questions and ace the exam just like how you performed during the IELTS review. Studies show that you can trick your mind to believe that you will pass the exam. For instance, you can make a habit of telling yourself every day that you will remember all the lectures and get your desired band score. 

  • Exercise
One effective way to release body tension is through exercise. Physical activity helps release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins trigger positive feelings, which, in turn, relax the muscles.

Other benefits of exercising:
  •      It reduces stress.
  •      It boosts self-confidence.
  •     It improves sleep.
  •     It increases energy levels.
  •     It makes you feel happy.
Mental block is not like flu. It does not show you symptoms nor can you tell when it is going to occur. Take note of and apply the above mentioned techniques to avoid memory loss during exams, especially in the IELTS.

The author works at an IELTS review center in Cebu City at the moment. She was once a computer instructor in CA. She likes to travel in numerous nations and loves photography.

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